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Cloudsplitter Vision Group

TAHAWUS CENTER - Supporters List
Amstutz, Steve and Nan
Baker, Nile
Balzac, Fred and Kathy Recchia
Bass, Jessica
Bellamy, Liz and Peter
Berchtold DeKanter, Charlotte
Black, Bonnie
Borstein, Elena
Bremer, Constance
Broderick, Sarah
Brunner, David and Rhonda
Challinor, Audrey
Chase, Karen
Clark, Barry and Brenda
Christiansen, Irene
Cline, Chris
Cusamano, Bimpki
Diehl, Michael
Dilworth, Bill and Patti
Dobreva, Rosie
Domeico-Grays, Ranardo
Dreiblatt, Gary and Nancy Sinkoff
Durante, Chuck
Elfers, Missy
Edmonds, Lynn
Farkas Rob, and Annie Scavo
Forreence, Erica
Forrence, Joan
Galvin, Kathryn
Fitz-Gerald, Alan
George, Shirley
Gettens, Sue and Bob
Halko, Robert and Barbara
Hewson, Jane
Hobson, Mark
Holloway, Robinson
Hormes, Linda
Hurlburt, Brad and Patricia
Irving, Terry
Johanson, Eric
Johanson, John
Johnson, William
Jopling, Daisy
Kahn, Joseph
Kassel, Virginia
Kelly, Byrne
Kemp, Terry and Lynne
Kleeman, David
Lafferty, John
Lamarche, Shawn and Gilles
Limerick, Robin
Lisacchi Leonard and Deborah
Locklin, Bruce and Susan
Looney, Robert and Alice
Longendorfer, Paul
Macario, Trillium
Mackinnon, Katherine and Mitch Dickerson
Madzder, Ed and Marty
Maggy, Mickey and Cheryl
Makowski, AnnaLena
Mandigo, Elenor
Marxer, Donna
Maselli, Stephen
McCullough, Deena and Mark
Meads, Janine and Holland
Mellor, Jan
Meconi, Robert and Victoria
Mitchell, Roger
Mulvey, Barbara
Najim, Lily and George
Newman, Jim and Char
Newton, Abby
Nugent, Mike and Nancy
Pashigian, Mary Ann
Parrotte, Karen
Pinto, Morris
Power, Colin
Pulitzer, Sue
Rafferty, David
Read, Ken
Rosenbluth, Sheila Jacob
Ruder, Brian and Ginny
Sarajian, Lisa
Schonbek, Andy and Alice
Shalton, Amy
Sheldrake, John
Singer, Dominique
Singleton, Pete and Marta
Stewart, Betsy
Valley, Mary and Stephen
VanderSluis, Henry and Caroline
Ward, Julie and Jay
Ward Lumber
Ward, Sidney J. Ward, Jr. & Janet G.
Willison, Malcolm
Willnus, Susan
Wichtowski, Joseph and Theresa
Wolfsohn, Eve
Woodin, Nick and Dawi
Wright, Jeri
Young, Ellenor
Zempel, Jerilea


20 Main
Ausable Family Dental
Casella Waste Systems
Feeks Pharmacy
Maggy Pharmacy
Stewarts Shops
North Country Ballet Ensemble
Ward Lumber

Foundations and Grants
since 2011
ACT - Port Jackson Fund, Adirondack Arts in Education Partnership LCB program,
Arts Council for the Northern Adirondacks, Adirondack Foundation, Essex County Arts Council's Cultural Assistance Program grant with funding provided by Essex County, Charles Wood Foundation, Cloudsplitter Foundation, Decentralization Grant Program, a regrant program of the NY State Council on the Arts,
with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NY state Legislature, adinistered by the Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts, Community Bank, Honeybee Community Fund, Newton Family Foundation, Puffin Foundation, Stewarts Foundation, ACT - Jay Relief Flood Fund, Cold Spring Granite, Main Street Revitalization Grant/ The Town of Jay New York State Council on the Arts, New York Council on the Humanities
SUN Fund - ACT, United Way - Adirondack Region

Appleby Foundation, Inc. 646-734-7151
Tahawus Center, PO Box 984, Au Sable Forks, NY 12912