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TESTIMONIALS - The Case for Arts
Through innovative programs like OnStage and Dance at Cloudsplitter, we are proud to play a pro-active, dynamic part in the preparation of young minds for the world of adulthood and the demands of the workforce.  Imaginative learning is based in the arts, the natural medium for the cultivation of children’s ability to think perceptively, question, and analyse situations; and ultimately to imagine, to create, and to innovate. As parents and as teachers, we want to encourage students to be able to imagine a new and better world in which they can achieve their dreams.

What people are saying about OnStage
- Nice to see Rebecca Kelly Ballet continue to make a mark on the community
- Strong program that is great for the community
- A dance project that is very unique and fills a good niche

Thank you Rebecca Kelly Ballet for another great season of Onstage. You bring so much to the North Country.  Rebecca Kelly Ballet Company provides another magnificent dance camp in Lake Placid this year.

I began in Kids Co-Motion, and also danced as an Onstage Student, Onstage Plus, and an Intern. Some of my fondest memories are summers taking part in this summer program. This program has taught me so much, not only about technique and performance, but about myself as a dancer. The instruction I have received has had a huge impact on my dancing, and has stayed with me throughout the years.Onstage Student, (Saranac Lake)

A very meaningful program to the community I'm proud that we at the Arts Council can support such a wonderful group that is so full of talent and brings such opportunity and great art/dance to so many young people's lives." Athena Roth, Arts Council of Northern Adirondacks

"I attended the Lake Placid Onstage camp in the summer before 6th Grade. It was my first true summer dance intensive. I had never been in such close proximity with professional dancers before, and it was both wonderful and frightening. I took my first real modern and hip hop classes, and ate lunch outside sitting on a gigantic rock with other Interns" (Onstage Intern from Plattsburgh)

Having a dance camp in the summer is great. 1) because I can stay in practice for the fall, and 2) because in Onstage, I can dance with a larger group of people. I really like to be challenged in dance. I like to put on performances to make people happy. I love to work on choreographies.

It is great to wake up in the morning and know that I will get up, eat breakfast, and dance!
Onstage Student, (Lake Placid)

What people are saying about
Cloudsplitter Dance Activities

From personal experience I can heartily recommend Rebecca and Craig’s Swing Dance Class at Tahawus in the Forks. It’s really fun and not nearly as humiliating or embarrassing as I feared it might be. Just the opposite in fact.  And, an added bonus is being able to watch Rebecca and Craig dance together. It’s like being at a private performance given by two exceptional artists.
Rob Farkas,  Jay News

Six participants of the year-round Adult Ballet Barre class say:
It giives me the opportunity to meet “local people” that I would likely never meet.
A ballet studio in this struggling small town is a treasure.  Thank you for keeping it open.
This is the ONLY exercise class of any kind within a 35-min drive.
As a 72-year old woman, the barre class is the best thing I can do to keep me flexible and in shape.
It was clear from the moment I stepped into the studio that this was a class for ANYONE in our community – that ALL are welcome.
The class is as important physically as it is mentally. I am thankful for its affordability and accessibility, and well as for all the community building and enrichment opportunities that the Tahawus Center offers

I am a member of the Hawkeye Conservationists and resident of Silver Lake – we met you and Craig briefly last year when you gave us an impromptu tour of your Tahawus Center. I am so excited to see these classes being offered! I Our neighbor’s son attended a science camp at your location last week – it is so incredible for you to offer these wonderful enrichment opportunities to people in the area, old and young. What fun!!!  Anyway, thanks for coming out and speaking with the Hawkeye Conservationist group last Saturday.  Missy Elfers,  (Silver Lake/ Oakland, NJ)